Interested parties identity, issues concerned and communication channels.
Interested Parties Issues Concerned Response Communication Frequency Communication Channels
Shareholders and investors 1. Corporate governance
2. Operating performance
3. Shareholders participation
Announcement of material information
Earning call
Monthly revenue
Quarterly financial statements and annual reports
From time to time

Once annually

Meetings, telephone, and email: 
Employees 1. Employee benefits
2. Labor-management relations
3. Operating performance
Health checks, group insurance, and various subsidies, etc.
Implement pre-onboarding and on-the-job training
Welfare Committee and labor-management meetings convened from time to time

From time to time

Quarterly labor-management meeting

Telephone, and email for complaining:
Customers 1. Corporate governance
2. Service quality
3. Customer protection and communication
Integrity management
Announcement of material information
Earning call
Annual customer satisfaction survey
Delivered from time to time
From time to time
Once annually

Once annually

Interview, service hotline, and email:
Suppliers 1. Corporate image
2. HSE
3. Supplier management
4. Supplier communication channels
Adhere to the operating principle of “pursuit of excellence, sustainable operation, integrity, and top service for customers”
Regular review and amendment and revision of laws and regulations
Evaluation, on-site visit and communication from time to time
Quarterly regulatory review
On-site visit from time to time
At least once annually

Interview, telephone, and email:
Government and Competent Authorities 1. Legal compliance
2. Corporate governance
3. Risk management
4. Communication with competent authorities
Regular review and amendment and revision of laws and regulations
Participation in policy discussions and seminars of competent authorities from time to time
Cooperation with the competent authority for supervision and inspection
Participation in policy forums of competent authorities and revisions of relevant laws and regulations from time to time

Seminars, questionnaires, telephone and email: